Sunday, 8 May 2011

Spinach and bacon salad

We had a surfeit of bacon this weekend. I'd brought my usual pack of Laverstoke Park smoked back home  from work but then Friday night went to MsMarmitelover's Underground Market. I came home with all sorts of goodies including smoked goat's cheese, strawberry and rose petal jam and Treflach Farm bacon. The guy on the stall was wafting a plate of bacon under people's noses as they squeezed past (it was very busy), a low down but very successful sales technique.

The Treflach Farm bacon went in bacon sandwiches on Saturday morning but the Laverstoke bacon had  been frozen and defrosted so really needed using. This week's veg bag had some lovely fresh spinach that we thought would be good raw so decided to combine it with the bacon for Sunday lunch.

All it needed in addition to the grilled bacon was croûtons. These are very easy to make - cube the bread toss in some olive oil, dried herbs and grated Parmesan put in a baking tray and grill for a couple of minutes, stirring occasionally. Don't get distracted though! We dressed the spinach with some truffle flavoured oil that we were given for Christmas but any oil or dressing would be fine. Finally we mixed the bacon and croûtons into the spinach (stalks and all) and enjoyed.

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